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Sunday 14 July 2013

Travels update

For various reasons (mostly to do with eating, drinking and socialising) I didn't post regular updates of our journey back from Braunston. A grand total of no people whatsoever have expressed and concern, nay any interest, about this, but I thought perhaps I should bring you up to date before the next leg begins.

Following a brief delay in leaving Braunston, we set off in the company of the josher Owl, and the extraordinarily hospitable Jim and Sue thereof. Owl is one of the loveliest conversions I have been inside, all beautifully polished wood. Its butty, Hampton, is done out in 1930s style and is equally impressive, although it wasn't with us on this trip.

Because Jim wanted to go back to Newhaven before the National (I had to go back to work), and wasn't 100% confident of the security of leaving Chertsey at Cassiobury that far in advance of the festival, we had a change of plan, arriving last Thursday at Cowroast, where Owl moors, and leaving Chertsey there. We had hoped there would be a spare space on their offside moorings, but when we got there, who should be on it but Bath! No problem, there was space on the 14 day moorings by the marina entrance, and there we left Chertsey.

Jim has gone back today to fond her safe and sound, albeit covered in tree sticky, duck poo, and, apparently, even goose crap, so he has spent the afternoon scrubbing it all off. I can't get off work until the end of next week, so local lad Alan Fincher (of Sickle fame) is going to accompany Jim on the final leg. When I initially texted to ask if he could, Alan replied that with 33 GU locks it would be a hard day's boating, but that he was up for it. I quickly assured him that we'd been planning to take two days over it!

So, I believe they leave tomorrow, and all being well I shall join Chertsey at Cassiobury on Friday.

Enormous thanks to Jim and Sue for their great company, amazing hospitality, and lifts to and from the station.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Hey Sarah,
    I for one was wondering how you were getting on!

  3. Just deleted a rather silly comment, based on something I pulled out of CanalPlanAC.

    I had thought the answer looked daft - I should have checked. My personalised "speed" settings had been tampered with, giving a ridiculously underestimated number, (possibly from when I wanted to see if the attempt at a "Dickinson Paper dasher" run that was being planned was even possible!...)

    I've now reset CanalPlanAC to more sensible values. You are right this was never a sensible one day trip, particularly for someone who has not taken a full length boat through a lot of locks in over 40 years!

    CanalPlanAC Estimate now:

    Total distance is 13.36 miles and 33 locks. There is at least 1 moveable bridge.

    This is made up of 13.36 miles of broad canals; 33 broad locks.
    This will take 10 hours, 52 minutes which is 1 day, 1 hour and 52 minutes at 9 hours per day.

  4. I have missed your missives - and even visited the yard, but on other business!

  5. "A grand total of no people whatsoever have expressed and concern, nay any interest, about this, ..."

    At least one of your readers (followers) has been educated to understand that it's your blog. You've had a spell of a statuary 'make an entry every day', and found it not to your taste, so have exercised your right to choose when to blog.
    I'm not sure who has the right to 'bully' you, however politely, into making additional entries.
    There is a line between encouraging you to write because we are interested, versus insisting you blog because our interest outweighs your preferences.

    To make that factual, I visit your blog daily, because even if you haven't made an entry, I select certain other blogs from both Ye Bloglist and Old Boats blog, at least one will have a new entry.
    So while there is always 'something' to be gained from visiting this site, lately it's been the case that an entry from you is a bonus, not a given.
    But it's your choice. If you want more reassurance that people are interested you have to open the conversation - it's your blog.

    Good Luck.

  6. Alan, pray tell more about the paper dashing ... You know my Croxley interest...

  7. "10 hours, 52 minutes"

    Sounds like a fairly standard day to me! ;)

    Amy (M.B Willow)

  8. And don't worry David, I wasn't asking people to justify not commenting, simply making a mildly amusing aside. You read or not and comment or not as you wish.

    Although it's always nice to get interesting comments!

  9. And it is nice to be missed, Jim and Andy :-)