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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Leicestershire or Leicester Square?

Today we spent a lazy day at Foxton, recovering and continuing our researches. Last night we spent a pleasant evening in the Bridge 61, chatting with the crew of Buffalo, who we met at the Retford and Worksop boat club the year before last. The beer from the local Langton Brewery, Bridge 61 and Inclined Plane, we good, but we thought rather expensive at £3.30 a pint. Well, we clearly thought wrong, because in the interests of research, tonight we are in the Foxton Locks Inn, where a pint of Rutland Beast is £3.70! My Castle Rock Sherriffs Tipple, at only 3.4% was £2.60. While only four nights ago, in the Great Northern, we were paying £2.80 for beer that was every bit as good. This has now superseded my previous most expensive pub pint ever, a record that has stood for at least three years and was set in the Warwick Castle in Little Venice. I imagine that the four pound pint has already been reached in London.

Tomorrow night we investigate the black Horse, and the other pub in the village whose name eludes me for the moment. Jim is meeting with the local CRT bod at half past eight (yes! I know!!) tomorrow morning, and the village hall representative at four o'clock. In between we intend to go to Market Harborough, unless I'm still too knackered.

Meanwhile, I'm not sure how long we're supposed to stay here... Any idea what this means?


  1. I read that sign from the top as:
    Where you are standing, it's mooring only if you are using the swing bridge.
    Look to your left for 24 hour moorings.
    Look to your right for 48 hour moorings.

    As you are event planning, Jim can probably negotiate an adaptation with the CRT rep. (Adaptation is not the word I wanted, but it will have to do).


  2. But the swing bridge is to the left!

  3. £4.20 a pint in the bar at our marina. Only slightly better at £4.10 a pint in our local pub (in Lincoln)

  4. It means 48hr to the right and swingbridge mooring to the left but you must not take longer than 24hrs to operate the bridge. If you do moor to the left and you get 48hrs to swing the bridge.
    Always noticed the cheap beer oop north and it getting dearer as you cruise down to the smoke.