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Saturday, 1 June 2013

A useful discovery in the washing up bowl

In our household this is called a scritcher, and I always use one in preference to a dishrag to do the washing up. Whilst doing it on Chertsey last week though, I made a useful discovery - useful that is when you don't have a draining board or a nearby dryer-upper (or even if you do have the latter but not the former). If, after cleaning your plate, mug, spoon or whatever with the scritchy bit, you give the scritcher a quick rinse and a squeeze, all whilst still holding the plate, mug, spoon or whatever in the other hand, you can then wipe it over with the sponge bit and it will remove nearly all the water. You can then put it down on a table or sidebed or hand it to a nearby (but almost redundant) dryer-upper without making any mess, and unlike using a teatowel or wrung out dishrag it can be done one handed.

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