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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Pretty Port Pictures

Although we bottled out of boating to Ellesmere Port in last week's arctic winds, we found the nerve to go up by car on Sunday and brave the taunts of  'fair weather boaters' - although of the three people who told us that it really wasn't that bad, two of them had tugs, and the other (naming no names) was probably going too fast to be affected...
Anyway, Sunday produced some surprisingly lovely weather; it was cold but sunny, and wrapped in several woolly layers it was actually very pleasant. Attendance was somewhat thinner than in 2011, but we still managed to catch up with quite a few people, and of course, to take some rather nice pictures.

A special mention must go to the curry stall, whose output was not only delicious, but genuinely ethically committed too in their sourcing, and from what I heard from others, understanding of and committed to people's dietary requirements. By the time we were ready to eat only the vegan options remained - potato and pea for Jim, and chick pea for me, both with very tasty brown basmati rice.

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  1. You don't appear to have the picture that many of us missed.....

    The captain of the trip boat "Centaur" apparently challenged both James Bill and Mike Askin to a tug of war - "Centaur" versus the combined power of "Victoria" and "Archimedes", and then proceeded to drag both of them backwards!

    We missed it, but goodness knows what "Centaur" must be powered by!