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Thursday 11 April 2013

Need to know...

I've been asked for my personal 'Top Five Things You Need to Know About a Narrow Boat Holiday'.

I haven't really given it much thought yet, but I thought I would throw it open to you, as you're bound to come up with things I won't have thought of.

I do remember one good tip under the heading 'what should you take with you on a hire boat holiday' which was a breadknife, on the grounds that the one that comes with the boat will have been down the weedhatch so many times it'll be no good for slicing bread.

I'll start my list here and add to it as and when I think of things...

1. The weather is very unreliable. Bring a variety of clothes, waterproofs, and sunscreen.
2. Sensible shoes, with good wet grip on smooth surfaces and, ideally, waterproof.
3. The windlass goes on the spindle with the handle pointing outwards.
4. Don't bother bringing all those books you meant to read/that novel you're writing. Somehow, although nothing happens, there won't be any spare time.
5. Things will go wrong. Don't worry about it.


  1. So true Sarah.
    James (lucky duck), Grandad

  2. Never leave the windlass on the spindle and always keep a firm grip on it at all times.

  3. 1. (Re: books etc) - it's the busiest relaxation at the slowest speed that you can imagine.

    2. A glass fibre boat is called a 'cracker'. If you're in an iron or steel boat this need not concern you.

  4. When it comes to locks just remember that everything in front of you needs to be opened and everything behind you closed.

  5. Dont go too far in the first couple of days, as you know its going to rain on the way back and there is nothing as bad as having to keep going when its wet.