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Wednesday 25 July 2012

Not just me

I see that most of my favourite blogs aren't getting updated very often at the moment. My excuse is that I have actually had some work to do - real paid work which has taken up most of my time and nearly all of my energy. Hopefully the back of it is broken now, so maybe I can get back to writing more fun stuff. Currently back in Newhaven, sorting out house and car, seeing friends and doing heaps of washing. No. 2 Son has a concert in London on Sunday, after which we'll be returning to the boats.


  1. I am not sure that I fall into your favourite category but I only update ours when we are afloat.

  2. Our plans to get boating for the summer have hit various setbacks that go beyond the expected consequences of taking on "Odin" our new Labrador pup.

    We had hoped to kick off by getting both "Sickle" and "Chalice" to the Linslade Canal Festival this weekend, but I discovered a completely broken engine mount on "Chalice". So instead of going anywhere, have been buzzing up to "Calcut" at Southam for the closest we could get to a replacement, and have since been trying to fit, (modifying things as we go!....)

    Can't now get "Chalice" to linslade, but "Sickle" still possible. Blogging takes a back seat at times like these!

    Still musing possibility of Alvecote, but it may be a step too far, I think!

  3. Makes you wonder how some of 'em stay so high in the rankings. I suppose people check, like I do, if their favourites updated. Maybe we should be given a 'minus click' if we haven't updated!

  4. Greetings,
    We passed you early on the morning you departed Hawkesbury Junction on your way to Braunston, I don't expect you to remember of course but, I chatted briefly to you as we were going into the Sutton Stop Lock and said I read your blog from time to time... Now I learn you are at Newhaven and I presume Sussex? We live at Saltdean, a stones throw.
    Maybe see you out and about when we are back on board,
    LIsa & David NB What a Lark.

    1. Well, well! This is just getting too close to home. I live in Saltdean also and was just about to message the peeps on Chertsey to form a local group for a pub meet up and gas about boats, etc. How can we contact you by e-mail? Have a look at
      You could leave a message there, 'cos no one reads it!

      Ray aka Billy no Mates

  5. Well well, yes, I do remember you I think Lisa and David!
    Will have a look at your blog Ray.
    I can be emailed... Name of this blog (name and number) at gmail.
    Jim says which side of Saltdean? (he used to live in Telscombe Cliffs and was on Telscombe Town Council so this matters!)