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Thursday 13 October 2011

Rot spots

Today we went to visit Singapore, cosily tucked up in a nice dry shed at Frank Halls and Sons, Walton on the Naze. Jim discussed the work required with Gary, who will be doing it. We know that a fair bit of planking will need replacing, and in some places there are pockmarks already where rotten bits have been diagnostically gouged out. These are all above the waterline, where she has previously been repaired with various unidentified hardwoods. It turns out that the breasthook which needs replacing is the smaller, lower breasthook, not as we had assumed the larger one directly under the foredeck. This should make it an easier job and so is good news. The next step is to burn off all the paint so as to be able to make a really thorough examination.

After our visit to the yard we took a stroll into the town of Walton. This is a rather charmingly down at heel seaside town. The dereliction and sense of abandonment is very sad to see, but only reflects the fate of similar towns all around the coast. It is a shame though that the miles of golden sand are no longer appreciated by holidaymakers. I am looking forward to spending more time on Walton's lovely beaches.

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  1. Best of luck. You gotta put up some pics so that we can engage.
    Over and above that: when can we come and visit you in Denmark?