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Tuesday 11 January 2011

Cold feet

Only metaphorical ones, since I treated myself (as well as everyone else) to a pair of thermal socks as recommended by Starman for Christmas, but just thinking about how much could go wrong with this boat moving lark at the weekend. Not go wrong as in sink, but as in, not get to our destination and have to get back from the middle of nowhere...

We arrive on Friday afternoon, quite probably too late to set off before dark. I have to be at work in London on Monday evening. So we have two days to do what is theoretically a day and a half's trip. But there will no doubt still be some ice to slow us down. Our timing is dependent on the lock works all happening on schedule as promised. It seems likely that lots of boats might be trying to make a break for it, which could mean hold ups. The weather forecast is for rain, which is not favourite, but worst of all, it's forecast to be windy. We've tried to do this stretch in the wind before and it was not fun. In fact it was so much not fun that we gave up. So my biggest hope is that that bit of the forecast will turn out to be wrong.


  1. The latest I've heard is that the work on Shutt Hill Lock is behind schedule, and might not be finished before the weekend. But Tixall Lock will close as planned on Monday. Our co-owners are planning to get through Tixall Lock and then hope for the best -- so at least we'll be poised whenever Shutt Hill opens again.

  2. Thanks Adam. I though that might happen. I think we'll probably do the same.

  3. Glad to be of service with the sock recommendation.