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Saturday 9 January 2010

Cool pictures

I am very aware that this is supposed to be a blog about Chertsey, and I haven't actually written anything about Chertsey yet. I shall try to remedy that over the course of next week by posting a bit about what I know of the boat's history. In the mean time, here I sit on the south coast while Chertsey is 200 miles away on the Shroppie, waiting patiently.

I am also aware that although there is a link on the right labelled 'Chertsey photos', if you click it (as eight disappointed people, or possibly one very optimistic one, have) it leads to an empty album. There are Chertsey pics on Photobucket, but they're still in nbWarrior's albums.

However, I have now started to remedy that, because Keith has very kindly taken some photos of Chertsey for me, to show that it is still afloat, and huddled up to Hampstead for warmth.

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