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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Never knowingly

Just as Holly Golightly felt about Tiffany's, I feel that nothing bad could ever happen in John Lewis. I was a late arrival to this temple of middle class consumerism, and I knew instantly that I had found my retail nirvana.

Even today, during the sale, it was quiet and civilised (certainly a lot more so than Primark on any given Saturday). I had a very successful session of present shopping, and treated myself to a lovely new dress as well.

It was only after I got home and went to hang it up in the wardrobe that I discovered it still had a security tag attached to it. (Yes, how did I get out the door?)

So I now have to go back tomorrow to get it removed. And somehow - and this is the worrying bit - convince them that I haven't just picked it up off the shop floor. Yes, I have the receipt, but that could be for another dress, couldn't it...


  1. That has happened to me a number of times, in a variety of shops. I’ve never had a problem having it removed but it does make you wonder how effective they really are.
    Happy New Year to you and Jim
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  2. We have also had this happen at different stores (once in the States) and not had a problem returning to get it removed. It is certainly a real nuisance and yes, you have to wonder why the put them on when they do not seem to be effective. Happy New Year to all three of you. Jennie and Chris, nb Tentatrice

  3. That must have been a very expensive dress to have a security tag!! Best wishes to you both and Ricky for the new year - Warrior Crew