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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Data woes

How can we have used 8GB on the mifi in a fortnight (no games, no video)?
Why won't my iPad connect when its 3 sim is showing a three blob signal?
How am I supposed to blog when the landline broadband which I have been waiting for since the beginning of August isn't going to be transferred until September 11th?
I thought privatisation and competition was supposed to improve the service. We might as well be dealing with the GPO.


  1. Jan is down to her last 91Mb out of 4Gb after no more than normal use (no videos or high data use). Looking at the breakdown we see that a huge amount went on tethering. We suspect that the laptop has been surreptitiously automatically updating itself - has your iPad been doing the same?

  2. Halfie's comments mirror my own thoughts. I have a Sony Tablet for an intermittant specialised purpose. When I want to use it I switch it on the day / evening before, because I know it will spend a lot of time updating itself. When on a service with a set data limit this was always a pain. It turned out that it was cheaper to go for the unlimited option than paying the excess fees every month.
    This did involve a telephone call to the BT helpdesk, which I understand you are not happy with, but these people seem to have unpublicised deals to offer if they think customers might take their custom elsewhere.
    Other suppliers may do the same, or they may not :-)
    Good Luck.