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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Braunston booked

We may not be going very far afield this year, or for very long, but I'm not missing Braunston. The booking form is filled in and ready to be posted tomorrow. I've been at the Braunston show every year since 2006 - and have taken Chertsey 2010-2015 inclusive.

I wasn't able to get the boat there last year - and indeed, it's going to be tough this year but at least we're nearer now - because it's very inconveniently timed to coincide with the busiest time of the year for an Exams Officer, which is one of the many hats I have at work. Summer exams take place between May 22nd and June 10th, then everything has to be marked and double marked, and all the marks collated, and extenuating circumstances considered, and an exam board organised and held, and all the finalised marks uploaded to 'the system' by the first week of July.

So I shall be very glad of a break, no matter how brief.

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  1. ...just think of all the work over the summer us poor estates staff have to complete .....;-)