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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Rocky and Spot

Rocky made a new friend on Friday. Here he is with Spot. They began by having a marvellous time chasing about the yard. Ricky has quickly learnt not to try to run at top speed under boats, so Spot had the advantage there.

Spot's very favourite thing is to find and play with old grinding discs. I don't know what they must do to his teeth. That's what he's hidden under the cloth in the photo - the cloth that I was trying to get clean and dry. Rocky can't really see the attraction of this game.


  1. Please excuse my jumping into your blog which I came across whilst looking on t'internet for news of my old Dunkirk Little Ship Singapore 2. I rescued her about '96/97. After an extensive & another "ive" refit,we took part in the 2000 Dunkirk Return. Sold her in 2001/2. Mast & wheelhouse are '99/2000 additions. Interesting that she is/was back at Frank Halls for more TLC.

  2. Hi Sarah. Just bought a nice book - Pictorial History of Canal Craft by Peter Smith which has a good pic of Chertsey in it - rear view with young long haired bloke steering. Have you seen it/got it? Cheers K

  3. Hi Harryman

    Yes I have, thank you. The bloke steering is Richard Pearson, whom I've met and who has given me some more photos. He steered the boat for Richard Barnet in the very early days of the latter's ownership. I think its in the same book, there's another picture of Chertsey with a boy in a floppy hat on the fore end, and thats Job Hutchings (son of David) who identified himself to us at Stratford last year. See you around soon I hope - we're heading north after Braunston, just as far as Bugsworth.

  4. I think we might be going south - we've taken the spur of the moment decision to do the Severn estuary to Bristol and onto the K&A. Can't resist an open water trip with a JP3M!

  5. Bit of an Italian tune up? we usually use the Trent for that. I greatly enjoy your missives, almost like 'being there'. Our excitement this year will be dealing with Rocky the dog