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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Long Rocky road

 Still on last weekend, on the Sunday we took Rocky for a walk, This was with some trepidation, as we had no idea what sort of levels of stamina he had. When I go on 10+ mile walks with the Ramblers, we are often accompanied by a dog or two, and they all seem to love it. One spaniel in particular runs back and forth and must cover twice as many miles as her owner, who is himself a keen long distance walker and runner. Another one is a little terrier, with very short legs, and never seems to tire either.

But I'd heard that greyhounds are most definitely built for speed rather than distance. Gallop like a mad thing for two minutes, then sleep for twenty two hours. This would have been a bit of a downer, as Jim has just joined the Ramblers too and started walking with the Beachy Head group in Sussex.

I think all will be fine though. We set off from Ladybower reservoir and, making it up as we went along, with the help of a map, walked pretty much all the way around one of its two arms. The e-trex sat nav thingy told us that the total distance covered was seven miles, and that included a couple of decent climbs. Rocky kept going steadily (on the lead all the time of course) showing an interest right the way through and not appearing to flag. So that's a relief.

He was obviously a bit tired when we got back...


  1. Well the boy had much fun at the RNLI Lifejacket and Advice on Board Day at Brighton Marina today, he is fair done in and has slept almost all the time since we got home at around 4.

  2. This is very good news. When Rocky was with us, we only ever walked him for an hour or two fearing, as Sarah did, that he might drop down dead if we went further. That said, I did read that Greyhounds are versatile and can adapt to lots of different exercise routines. We did have one bad experience, when he fell to ground crying out in pain. We looked it up and it seemed as though he had terrible cramp due to dehydration. He just couldn.t get up but we just waited for it to pass and then walked him very slowly back. So we got a bit obsessed with making sure that he had lots of water on his walks.