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Tuesday 29 April 2014

A walk in the park

On Sunday I went out with the Ramblers for a second time. This was a slightly unusual walk as it was a 'hen' walk for one of the walkers who is marrying a fellow walker next month, and it culminated in a tea party in Baslow village hall - very kind of Heather to have a total stranger along.

I entered into the spirit by wearing something pink, as requested, but didn't go as far as some who were kitted out with flowers, feather boas and glittery hats (but thankfully no illuminated plastic penis headwear, as I saw once on a train to, where else,  Brighton). It was a serious walk for all that, nearly ten miles with some reasonable hills. The route was described as Baslow - Chatsworth Park - Carlton Lees - Rowley - Manners Wood - New Piece Wood - Baslow, for those of you to whom that means something (I just had to go and look it up again as I have no memory for places at all). Quite a bit of it was within the Chatsworth estate and we saw two sorts of deer as well as plenty of lambs. And bluebells.

The weather was much better than forecast. The only trouble with these serious walkers is that there's barely time to stop and take any photos, and you have to remind yourself to take notice of the view.

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