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Tuesday 27 August 2013

Who won then?

Spill the beans Alan and announce the Alvecote winners!

It sounds from Alan's comments as if I missed the best of the show yesterday - i.e. the Grand Unions en masse - but c'est la vie.

Tonight we have made it to the Fox and Anchor at Cross Green, previously known only as the pub where everyone in the beer garden is watching you cock up that tricky bend but is in fact one of these clone 'Heritage Inns' like the Mermaid at Wightwick where you can get reliably average food, so we did.

We started this morning with high hopes of getting back to Stretton by nightfall, but these were dashed when we found ourselves in a queue of seven boats at two separate locks (can't recall which, exactly; they thinned out and then bunched up again). It's all very well saying 'oooh, what's the hurry' (anyone over the age of fourteen who says 'chill' deserves a punch on the nose) and, I agree, if I were in a hurry, narrow boat would not be my chosen mode of transport. But there is a massive difference between boating (which I love, even at 2 mph), and sitting around watching idiots faffing about with unnecessary ropes (which I find somewhat frustrating). The Annoying Thing which has impressed itself on me today is people who won't even think of untying their boat and approaching the lock until the boat leaving it is safely in the next county.


  1. The light parade winner was "Dream Maker."

    Michael Pinnock and "Emu" won the Les Lapworth award.

    Michael Pinnock also won the turning competition, with Paul Barber and "Whitby" coming second.

    (Posted by Starcoaster.)

  2. I appear to have only scored 8.5 for getting "Sickle" around in one outside the "Barlow", (and with no damage to other boats!), so can't imagine what more would have been demanded to get a 10!
    Seems if you have a short boat, you can never please them 100%!