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Thursday, 27 December 2012

It's a plan...

I'm writing this using the new Bluetooth iPad keyboard that Baz kindly gave me for Christmas. I am however hampered slightly by not having a tale to put it on, so there will probably be just as many typos as if I didn't have the benefit of it.

It is of course that time of year when one's thoughts turn to making next year's boating plans (subsequently, of course, to be amended or abandoned) but here is what we thought, work, crews etc willing, we might do.

Firstly, Ellesmere Port at Easter, a brief stroll up the Shroppie. Hell, we might even take the butty (although I have to say it's unlikely). Then bck to Stretton.

For the rest of the year, round trip, taking in Langley Mill, Braunston and Cropredy, and returning via Birmingham. This is apparently 263 miles and 269 locks. We wouldn't do it all at once, but would need to find/arrange strategic places to leave Chertsey along the way.

There's a gathering at Langley Mill ayt the end of May to celebrate the
fortieth anniversary of the Erewash Canal Preservation and Development Association (as it now is). We've been up the Erewash on Warrior but never with Chertsey.

Then of course Braunston at the end of June is the one fixed point in the calendar - still not to be missed in my book even if attendance was a bit sparse last year. After that, but short step to Cropredy, to provide acccomodtion for Baz and Izzi as they attend the festival at the beginning of August - and then they join us as crew to tackle the Grand Union locks en route to Birmingham whence we proceed via Wolverhampton back to Stretton.

Baz 'n' Iz are up for it, so wwhat could posibly go wrong?


  1. Alvecote?

    (Assuming there will be one?)

  2. No, found it a bit boisterous his year.

  3. Get yourself a shorter boat, then you'll be let in down the "sensible" end!