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Saturday 10 December 2011

There and back again

In case you thought I'd disappeared, here is the post I should have written on Thursday. Yes, we did take the van up to Stretton, we unpacked it, and we came back - still a bit of work to do on the house but it's nearly sorted now.

We transferred everything we had brought onto Bakewell with the exception of two chairs, neither of which would go through the door, let alone down the side corridor, so they came home again, along with lots of empty boxes (although we didn't get them all unpacked by any means), three mattresses, three Ikea stools and a drop leaf table which came with the boat. The two-foot wide bunk beds will be dismantled, and their six by four foot room entirely filled with a bed, the base of which has in turn been removed from what is essentially the back end of the hold, leaving an open space which will be our study/office. All will become clearer when I finally get some photos taken.

Thank you toneveryone for your good wishes... I feel a bit of a con merchant for not actually having gone yet, but it will only be a few days now I promise...


  1. its all going to be good and there are no prizes for hurrying,call it being flexible.
    Dismantling the bunk beds will give you some usefull wood for projects.
    Wishing you all the best madcat

  2. Came past Chertsey and Bakewell at Stretton today on Starcross. All OK. First time I'd seen Chertsey since the repaint - she looks great.
    I'll look out for you on the way back.

  3. Be nice to meet you Starcross Jim!