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Wednesday 6 January 2010

The joshers are catching up

When I first started looking for working boat blogs (as opposed to websites) I could only find two: Oakley and Barnet, so naturally assumed that there was something about us modern, go-ahead, G.U. people that made us more natural bloggers (even if Oakley hasn't been updated for over a year). But I'd missed Dove (for which apologies), so I added that later.

And now, I was delighted to hear yesterday, spurred on by this gap in the market, Blossom has started blogging Minnow. He's a great writer (do have a look at the link to Blossom's Black Country if you haven't read it already) so I hope he'll find plenty to write about (even if like me it means resorting to rants about recycling and pictures of dollies' dresses).

I remember Minnow from when Sparky and Vicky had it and we were at Stretton. I painted Warrior's engine to the sound of Ron Withey playing (with?) its Bolinder. Warrior's engine room roof vent, which Sparky told us is colloquially known as a 'biscuit tin', is based on Minnow's.

And Blossom has on many occasions commented on my blog, generally gently picking me up on some error or misuse of terminology, for which I am very grateful. So I was delighted to meet him at last, at last year's Black Country gathering, and see Minnow there again, and look forward to doing so again. In the meantime though, I shall read the Minnow blog with relish.

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  1. Nice to see the Joshers getting noticed, I'm not that literate so you'll have to put up with my pictures and brief scribblings.