Saturday, 23 January 2010

Found some more!

I made a quick raid on the laptop last night and tracked down photos of Aynho, Badsey, Bainton, Otley and Towcester, which I have added to the album, along with a lovely picture of Fulbourne at St Ives. There are still at least two missing - ironically two of the three I've steered - of which I have lots of snapshots but no real portrait.

And it's catching on - Adam of Debdale draws my attention to his collection (and reminds me that I must have Dover and Nuneaton somewhere too) and Jim of Starcross has posted some lovely seventies photos, including Bexhill, which has so far eluded me. It's a shame my self-imposed rules don't let me do swaps!

I wonder if anyone whose interests lie in those directions will start a collection of Stars, or Joshers (or subdivisions thereof), or boats by builder? Maybe it's not quite the done thing for the very purists, but you've got to admit it's fun.


  1. Hi,

    Sutton is at Bulborne and Elstree is at Cassio, both converted. Elstree is realll good and has a 3LW.

    MIke (Cowroast)

  2. I know I've seen Elstree, but i can't find a photo. Sutton I don't recall so will definitely look out for both of them next time I'm parring through! Thank you.