Friday, 8 February 2019

What's the advantage?

I have a fair bit of brass at home, but no Brasso, which is all on the boat. I wanted to polish my GWR carriage lamps, and the only form of Brasso I could get in Tesco's was this:
Now, obviously I'd come across Duraglit wadding before, but I don't think I've ever tried to use it in my adult life. Having tried unsuccessfully to apply it to my lamps, and ended up with bits everywhere, I am left wondering, what's the good of it? What possible advantage does it offer over a bottle of Brasso and a rag?


  1. Well there's always a positive somewhere Sarah... perhaps it's as simple as if you knock it over it won't spill as it's not a liquid... Sorry I can't think of a really useful answer though :(

  2. Try a mix of salt and vinegar solution (not crisps) works a treat.

  3. When polishing the brass in Church an old parishioner told me to put the wedding or a cloth with brass in a pair of fine tights and used that way it keeps the wedding together and gets the grim out of the brass, the memorials in Church never looked better.