Wednesday, 27 February 2019

I thought I saw it move

So, you're thinking, it may have all that, but I bet one thing that a four mile stretch of litter-strewn canal, crossed by graffitied bridges and lined with decaying factories won't have is a big ugly wide beam restaurant boat...
But that's where you'd be wrong. The only boat I have ever seen moving on this canal, and there were three people on board giving every impression of enjoying a meal.

The LB Hardfeet (what does the 'L' stand for?) is built to the same dimensions (although sadly not the same aesthetic standards) as a Sheffield keel (so presumably has to be careful getting under Bacon Lane bridge) and has a fairly extensive website (although I was itching to rewrite it).


  1. Perhaps LB stands for Lunch Boat? LOL

  2. “And the name of the boat? The LB is a teddy bear called Little Bear and Hardfeet is a teddy bear with hard feet, both over 40 years old and both belong to the directors.

    Paul and Dorrie's five-year-old, Tally, has named the bar Ginger's Bar after her bear. One of their other boats, Tiny Purple, is also named after a teddy bear.”