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Monday 20 February 2012

Nice notice

After the launch of Walton we repaired to the Commercial Hotel, Wheelock, where this notice could be seen in both ladies' and gents' toilets.

I wonder whether a polite and positive request like this gets a better response than the peremptory orders and threats we are more used to seeing.


  1. The Commercial Hotel came to our rescue on a hire-boat trip in the 1970s when we were thrown out of the Cheshire Cheese for not drinking enough!!

  2. I like the notice I saw in the Wellington Arms in Reading many years ago. In glazed tiled letters set into the wall opposite the pub exit it simply said "COMMIT NO NUISANCE"

  3. To pick up from your last sentence:

    I don't think these sort of notices make any difference.

    If some low-life wants to soak a wad of loo roll in water and throw it onto the ceiling to see if it sticks then he will.

    If someone doesn't intend to wash their hands after a pee then the sign "now please wash your hands" (always positioned above the sink and read while you're washing your hands anyway) won't make the person think, "Oh - I'd better wash my hands. That notice is telling me to".

    It's the state of the facilities which affects what people do.

    If the loos are spotlessly clean then you're not going to want to be the first to spoil them. If, on the other hand, they're already grotty, then that doesn't exactly encourage care on the part of the user.

    It's like litter (possibly). A bad area seems to encourage more detritus.

    Rant over!