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Tuesday 28 February 2012

Knitting, not nothing

Round about November 2010, I offered to knit No. 2 son an Aran jumper. I started, made a bit of a mess of it, decided it was probably going to be too small, got discouraged and put it to one side. As it was meant to be finished in time for his birthday the next February, this was not a good outcome.

Some time later in 2011 I got it out again, measured it, measured him, looked again at the messy bit, and made the radical decision to unravel it all and start again. After that there was (well, nearly) no stopping me. It was definitely going to be ready for his birthday this year. And then I ran out of wool. I'd ordered what I thought I needed from a wonderful woman in Derbyshire who spins it from her own rare breed sheep (sickeningly trendy I know, but it's lovely wool). So when I needed to make a bigger jumper than I'd initially bargained for, I couldn't just go down the nearest shop with a dye lot number.

Instead I emailed Elaine, and sent her a little sample of what I had left, and there followed a nerveracking week waiting to discover whether she could find any. And, hooray, she did; just about enough, that someone else had put aside and not bought. What a relief! So now I am frantically trying to finish this massive and heavy jumper before both sons visit next week.

Which is why I haven't got time to blog.

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  1. knitting is addictive,Iam currently knitting socks.Good luck with the deadline.