Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New image...

As you will know if you've read Alan's blog, or his thread on CanalWorld, we spent the weekend entertaining Alan and Cath Fincher. Indeed, I was so exhausted by all the fun we had, that I haven't posted for three days.

I wasn't sure whether taking Alan away from the internet for a whole weekend would help or hinder his election campaign, though I must say he certainly listened to us! As we chugged up the Shroppie Jim did his best impression of an election day tannoy car (he's had lots of experience) going 'Vote Alan Fincher' to no one on particular.

And David Mack of Fulbourne produced this wonderful illustration on CWF. I love it, because of course wholeheartedly support Alan, but I did feel I should point out that the other side, of course, says
Vote Sue Cawson!!!!

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