Monday, 6 February 2012


Before we left, Jim rang up the lovely people at Tilley International and ordered a couple of refurbishment kits - new plungers and washers - and some new mantles. The relatively new Tilley lamp (1980s vintage and bought boxed and unused at a jumble sale) had been working OK, but had starting losing pressure lately, while the older, brass one, bought in the antique shop here in Brewood (which sadly is no longer there) had never worked. The third lamp here is if I remember rightly, a more modern Bialaddin.

Jim sat in the back cabin and fettled this afternoon, and this was the result - three fully functioning lamps, and some nice photos, which put me in mind of paintings like this one.


  1. I like gas lamps, the gentle glow, the steady hiss and of course the heat they give off - especially when its so cold outside.

  2. Gas! Bit new-fangled for me...

  3. Grace and Favour9 February 2012 at 14:59

    The title of the painting:
    OK - who had the BW keys last? - - -
    No-one can use the facilities until we find them