Monday, 24 May 2010

Taking sides

Well, I finally relented and gave Jim back the ladder so that he could get out of the hold. Sunday was another hot, very dry day, and I decided to take it easy - physically at least - and spent a very productive day reading articles for work. Sitting in the shade - absolutely unheard of for me, but once again discretion seemed the better part of valour.

But there was no stopping Jim. Before I knew it he was Perrago-ing away and by the end of the day the engine room cabin sides were transformed.

In answer to Amy's question, here's a post I wrote about the Perago (no wonder you couldn't find it, I spelt it wrong) when it was new. Jim says it's 'not cheap' but that one was about £19, and it's removed an awful lot of paint in its time. Of all the novel tools I've seen, I reckon this one is pretty impressive.


  1. What's that tool Jim's using? A google search for 'perrago' came up with nothing but it looks very useful!

  2. Details available at, not cheap but sensational. Have had mine for four years, especially useful for detail work - cleaning paint from adjacent to windows without harming the frames for example.


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