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Sunday 9 May 2010

Got it finished

I'm quite surprised at how quickly I've got this one finished - it's got the same amount of bits in (roughly) as the others; but it's definitely been the quickest yet, despite having a more complex pattern. All I can put it down to is that the vast majority (are we allowed to say majority or is it all too painful?) of the fabric was woven, and therefore could be torn into strips, rather than having to be cut like jersey (t-shirt etc material)does. The downside of tearing - especially velvet - is that it's very messy, bits and fluff and threads everywhere. But it is a lot quicker.

I'm reasonably pleased with the way the diamond pattern has turned out, though it was harder to do than just straight lines (I've learnt a lesson though; in future whatever the pattern I will work it in straight lines, changing colour as necessary. Working in blocks makes too many fiddly corners to work tufts into.)

Of course, it looks a lot neater on the back.

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