Friday, 21 May 2010


There I was thinking I was putting a lovely cream gloss finish on various bits of the engine room innards (there are articles in various stages of paintedness scattered all over Chertsey's little corner of the yard) and of course what I was really doing was creating some very large flypapers. Hmm.

Still, finally opened the last tin of paint yesterday, the dark green, and started getting some of that on. The engine hole is going to look so good (won't half clash with the engine tho, can't help secretly wishing he'd painted it grey) but I'm not showing you until it's finished. Realised of course that we will need more cream and green gloss, both are specially mixed Dulux colours so we will need the code numbers which are on labels on the side of the tins... almost completely obscured now by runs of paint. Lesson nuber three: not the numbers before opening the tin!

Please forgive any spelling mistakes today, desperately trying to finish before the battery runs out!


  1. Clear Sellotape over the important bits of the label also helps (because it's easy to wipe the paint off), but again, before opening the tin :-)

  2. Your last sentence turned out to be prophetic, but about the wrong battery!