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Friday 26 March 2010

So this is home

Having taken the mooring at Kings Bromley sight unseen, on the basis of a couple of photos, Blossom's recommendation, and an already forgotten cruise past last year, today for the first time we went and visited Chertsey's new home at Kings Bromley Wharf.

I like it a lot, although (no, be honest, because) it wouldn't be everybody's cup of tea. It's part of an industrial estate, and Chertsey's berth is adjacent to a fantastic old, currently unoccupied, building which one of the other moorers, Brian (who made us very welcome) tells me is a former armoury, hence the barred windows and frighteningly robust steel door. The photo shows our bit of bank; currently a bit untidy but a lovely cosy corner once cleared up and a nice sheltered spot for sitting in the afternoon sun (when we get some). There's a tap right nearby and electricity is available, although I don't think I will avail myself of it; my usage would be so low I'd resent paying the standing charge! Tracey (who's in charge) said it's also OK to have a mini shed there, though I pointed out that with 50' of hold I hoped I'd be sufficiently provisioned in that area.

To make things better still, there's a secure car parking compound, to which I now proudly bear a key, and the whole site is locked at night (for which I have another key). I start paying for it on April 1st, and hopefully will be moving Chertsey there in the summer.

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  1. "... a lovely cosy corner once cleared up and a nice sheltered spot for sitting in the afternoon sun ..."
    Your seat in the corner has been spotted - although a picture of the PP in use above the blue bin is not required, thankyou :-)
    Seriously, confidence in both the site security and your fellow moorers are great bonuses and well worth having.
    Best Wishes.