Thursday, 11 March 2010

Beer for Bones

Yesterday, I didn't quite go to the North London CAMRA 'London Drinker' beer festival at a packed Camden Town Hall, as I had just spent lunchtime in the almost as well supplied Bree Louise, and I had to go to a meeting. Having been reminded by seeing a poster that the festival had just started, I did however contrive to get a glass and T-shirt. What I don't know yet is the rationale for this year's poster design (last year Tarporley was the festival's nominated charity and the posters, T-shirts etc featured a very un-Tarporley like narrowboat.)

However, with its combination of skellingtons and motorbikes, it is clearly a match made in heaven for Bones, and had I only but known what size, I'd have got her a T-shirt too. Sorry Bones.

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