Wednesday, 10 February 2010

And it's out!

Well, we have had a very exciting and successful day today. Up at the crack of dawn - but still managed to catch rush hour on the M25 - and off to Stretton. The day has finally arrived for Chertsey to come out of the water, for the first time in years, probably in decades.

Just as we left the M6 Toll I got a call from Keith to say that there had been a road accident (on the A5) right outside the yard, blocking the road in both directions. Undaunted, we parked in Brewood and walked along the towpath to get there, where the crane was waiting, chains already carefully positioned and ready to go. The craning went completely smoothly and after some very patient fine adjustment, Chertsey was settled on terra firma next to little sister Corolla.

Of course it was incredibly exciting to get a first look at the boat's bottom, but I'm going to save that for tomorrow.

Latest: craning photos added here.


  1. It's lookin good Sarah. Best of luck tomorrow and don't forget even if they do find anything, there ain't nothing as can't be put right!

  2. Yep, good luck, if there is anything wrong, it can't be much worse than Dove and that got fixed.