Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Heading for Reading

Alf was right - I guess the geographical clue was pretty conclusive - the next Big Day Out witll be to destination no. 163, Reading. I'm strangely excited about this simply because it isn't too unfamiliar or intimidating, and a quick look at Wikipedia suggests there'll be plenty to do, not least with rivery themes.

It won't be until after Braunston, though, that I'll be able to get away - at least, I don't think so.


  1. Don't miss The Jolly Anglers.
    I used to enjoy sitting outside on the towpath, with views of the railway, gasworks, and Huntley and Palmer's biscuit factory.

  2. Born & bread there, not what it used to be, H&P biscuits are no more, Prison has closed ( I knew it before they demolished the rather lovely castellated corner tower), Railway station has been totally revamped from when there used to be two stations. Not fond of going back to visit, but enjoy anyway, no doubt you will see it in a different