Thursday, 11 April 2019

What's been lost?

Any Sheffielder - native or adoptive - will know the answer to this, but here's a spot the difference for the rest of you.
I was going to give the answer tomorrow, but as no one so far has even had a go at it, I shall keep you in suspense until Sunday. After tomorrow night, Sheffielders, if no one else has cracked it, you are welcome to show off your knowledge.

(It's nothing to do with bridge numbers)
It's not a pub.
It's not Meadowhall.


  1. The salt and pepper pots have been demolished

  2. There are many differences between the two maps, but you haven't said which is "before" and which "after". Is it anything to do with the sewage works? The top map shows what could be a building whereas the bottom one shows more circles (presumably treatment silos). I don't think you could be referring to the European constituency boundary which shows near the top of the top map, which seems to be a metropolitan boundary in the bottom one. (And no, I haven't consulted our son.)

  3. Power Station & cooling towers have been demolished.