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Friday, 12 April 2019

Naburn update

You will recall that four weeks ago, I buttonholed the local CRT volunteer co-ordinator and signed up to volunteer with Naburn, despite not being quite sure how it all worked. Having not heard anything for four weeks, on Wednesday night I sent a carefully crafted email, with carefully selected people copied in, rather sadly wondering why they hadn't got back to me. It turns out there was a reason! And that I have highlighted a glitch in their system that has now been 'raised'.

Apparently, becasue, as a licence holder, I elected not to receive communications (what my charming correspondent referred to as 'newsletters, campaigns, fundraising information or a whole number of things') any attempt to email me was automatically blocked by CRT's system. Glad to be of service CRT.

No sooner had I given my written assent to receiving emails about Naburn's activities, than one arrived. Sadly, it was for today (offside litter picking), when, as on every other week day, I am working, but at least the system is working now.

Anyway, I finished my email by attempting to open a whole new can of worms, thus:

What I find even more frustrating is the wasted opportunities presented by the boat itself. Naburn is one of only a handful of boats that have continuously remained in the ownership of CRT and its predecessor organisations since nationalisation in 1948, and, as I understand it, has been a maintenance boat in the area since 1963. As such, Naburn is a valuable historical resource in its own right that you could be making so much more of - not just using the boat for maintenance work, but as a true community boat, used for educational purposes and to promote the canal and CRT waterways - and CRT itself - more widely. You only have to look at what the Chesterfield Canal Trust are doing with Python (another former maintenance boat converted from an older carrying boat) to see some of the possibilities. I would be delighted to work with you to explore and develop ideas and opportunities around this.

Maybe there's scope for a 'Friends of Naburn' or 'Naburn Association' to do just that..?

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