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Wednesday 3 April 2013

Does B&M Bargains count?

The Great Supermarket Swerve has encountered a dilemma. Yesterday I took an afternoon constitutional to B&M bargains, mainly for cough mixture and 75mg aspirins, but while I was there I picked up two tins of Pataks curry sauce, a bottle of wine and a box of teabags. Of course, they actually sell quite a lot of (often good and unusual) tinned food in there. So do I have to count this towards my supermarket total? Obviously, it's not one of the major axis of evil supermarkets, but then neither is Spar, and I counted that.

Do I get a dispensation because it's not very convenient and gives me a good long walk (nearly four miles if I walk back too, as I did yesterday, pausing only for a sustaining half in the University Arms on the way). And what about the non food groceries like washing powder and toothpaste, which I tend to get either in B&M or Wilkinsons (also suitably distant)?

This is proving more complex than I anticipated.

However, I did also go into the greengrocer's (it's called Fruit-a-Peel, by the way, but you can't have everything) and bought not only fruit, veg and salad, but also cottage cheese, milk, yogurts and dried apricots; i.e. as much as I could and more than I could comfortably carry along with all the other stuff.

So far I have managed to stay out of the charity shops and have thus avoided clothes purchases. I did buy a cushion in Wilkos to fill a very nice cover I got in Stourbridge, but perhaps there should be some sort of de minimus rule for household goods....


  1. I used to live next door to Mr Frank Bannister of B & M - so that makes it cosy, don't you think?

  2. Yes, that makes it seem much more acceptable.