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Wednesday 24 April 2013

A sense of abandonment

Walking the Sheffield and Tinsley Canal (1)

This is the most abandoned stretch of canal I have seen that isn't actually abandoned. More so by far than the Coventry as it struggles into the city of that name; more even than the far flung outposts of the BCN, which at least has the BCN Society to love it.

I tried to find a Sheffield and Tinsley Canal Society, and failed. The South Yorkshire and Dukeries branch of the IWA apparently organised a clean-up only a couple of weeks ago, so I found myself, most unexpectedly, at the weekend, rejoining the IWA.

There were runners and cyclists and fishermen - in dribs and drabs rather than droves - but not a single moving boat until I got to the locks. And to be honest, I would think twice about negotiating this rubbish, rope and plastic bag strewn stretch even if I could.

This is a canal that feels unloved.

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  1. We see you chose the good bits, there are some better bits, but we must admit not been down there for some while. It does not help that most of the visitor moorings have been hived off to a private company to use as a brokerage.