Sunday, 21 April 2013

A walk and a ride

I went for a walk this morning. About five and a half miles in total, of which approximately half was new territory for me. This was somewhere I was supposed to visit in 2009, but never quite made it. I can't get there by that means any more (and indeed, not many people seem to be trying), but I finally got there on foot. Once I got there the sun shone for a bit, then I turned away from one attraction, and treated myself to a new means of transport to get part of the way home. I took some photos, but they're on my phone, and only Windows can get them off. I might have enough material to spin out for the best part of the week... Just from one little walk. And I've already got the next stage planned.


  1. Let me guess ... the Shefield and Tinsley Canal and a tram?

  2. You may all need to wait one more day... I now have the computer to get at the photos, but have forgotten the lead.
    Now, should I break the suspense and say that Halfie's guess is right?
    I wonder who can tell me which tram stop.....

    1. Meadowhell would be my guess - what a lovely walk, it is difficult to believe you are in the centre of a large city.

  3. Didn't get quite that far.