Friday, 16 March 2012

Walton en route

Yesterday afternoon we heard a boat coming in the distance, like you do... it's a josher... seems to be towing something... hang on, isn't that Martin off Kestrel (he who painted Chertsey)... Indeed it is... and Kestrel is towing... Walton, which we saw launched the other week (and got some rather good photos even if I say so myself, published in both Canal Boat and Waterways World).

They are off to Alvecote, where Walton is to have its engine (a Seffle) fitted, and to be painted in Mersey, Weaver colours.

I'm starting to go native by the way. I was chatting to one of the towpath hippies this morning, and as we went our separate ways, he said 'ta-ra', and without thinking, I said 'ta-ra' back.


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