Monday, 26 March 2012

Chequered past

I probably shouldn't be reproducing this photo, but it is for educational purposes... It's from Michael E. Ware's Narrow Boats at Work (Moorland Publishing Co., 1980) and is no. 105 of over 200 wonderful photos. The book is of course long out of print, but copies seem to be available very cheaply - get your hands on one now!

Anyway, in response mainly to Amy's comment on my check vinyl, here is the photo, from the early 1940s, that inspired it - not so much my choice of check, but its extensive use! Obviously in the photo it would have been lino rather than vinyl, but it's true to the spirit of it.

I'm not sure I could cope with all those photos and plates though, although I do seem to be moving towards a more traditional style of back cabin decor.


  1. Thanks! What a lovely picture. I agree about lace-plates and other such ephemera - not really my thing. My hypothetical back cabin will be along the same lines as yours I think, with lots of nice enamelware etc.

    P.S Just bought a copy of the book!

  2. Go on Sarah, you know you want to! we'll soon have you puttin up 'angin plates in that back cabin.

  3. Trouble is Blossom, I wouldn't be at all surprised...

  4. Well when you finally give in to the urge, Just let me know and, if you wan't, we will come and visit and I will help/show you how to 'ang 'em propper.