Sunday, 25 March 2012

Beer blogging

Thanks to an article in yesterday's Guardian, I was directed to Pete Brown's Beer Blog, and via that to the wonderful world of beer blogging. After a long evening's tireless research, I reckon Pete's is probably the best of the bunch (he is a proper journalist, after all; I had even heard of his books). It was very instructive though, especially to the levels of beer snobbery (and worse still, inverted beer snobbery) that exist out there. I'm adding Pete to Ye* Blogroll to remind me to read him regularly, and I hope you'll enjoy it too - lots and lots of links to follow up as well.

*Pronounced 'the' as I'm sure you know, 'Y' being the nearest a modern keyboard can get to the old English letter thorn which was pronounced th as in the, and not, um, as in thorn.


  1. Oh right. I've been pronouncing it (in my head, at least) 'Ye' as in yeehaw! Am I too thick to read your blog? Probably! But I'll persist, regardless. :-)

  2. Naw, cos that's how I was saying it in my head too, in a rather exaggerated way. I just like the idea of having a different letter to differentiate between the two pronunciations of 'th'. And I only know because I read it in Bill Bryson.