Tuesday, 10 January 2012

With a name like that...

What other job could he do?

I think I have come across one of the best ever examples of a person with an appropriate name for their job.

You might be aware of the sudden closure of then Tring summit owing to water loss issues. I saw an email about this yesterday, with contact details for the person in the South East Business unit with responsibility for it. His name is Lee King.


  1. Nominative Determinism strikes again...

  2. Sarah, Are you sure it wasn't sent by his sister, Jo?
    I don't know if he's still in post but BWs Midlands Regional Fisheries Manager was, er,...Keith Fisher!

  3. It was sent by someone else at BW, with a perfectly straight face. I don't think BW do jokes.

  4. I can confirm I have dealt with Lee King,and found him to be one of the men on the ground who really does seem to know what his talking about.

    No Jo King involved, for certain, but I bet he gets fed up on occasions.