Sunday, 15 January 2012

Getting spliced with Blossom

As promised, Blossom and Dawn came to visit today. We enjoyed tea and buns and catching up with plenty of chat; a tour of Bakewell and a look at Chertsey's paintwork... But at some point we also mentioned that we had once again found that the art of splicing had slipped our minds - despite our having been shown, and grasped it, twice, so Blossom patiently spent a great deal of time tutoring us in it again. I still haven't quite mastered the crown knot, but my actual splicing turned out neatly enough. Jim meanwhile appears to be moving onto advanced decorative ropework so we should soon be self sufficient in strings, droppers and various dangly bits. Just as long as we keep practising this time and don't forget for a third time.

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