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Saturday 7 January 2012

Point of order Mr Chairman

Today we had a day out. We went to Tamworth for a HNBOC (that's the Historic Narrowboat Owners Club) committee meeting. It began at ten, with a pre-meeting to discuss media strategy and my role as press officer, with the meeting proper beginning at eleven and ending at half past five. There was a break for lunch though, and it was all very enjoyable and congenial.

One thing that was decided was that we should nominate Sue Cawson as an 'official' HNBOC candidate for the C&RT Council. This is another nomination I am more than happy to recommend. Many people outside historic boating circles will not have heard of Sue, but she has been boating solidly for decades and it is probably fair to say that no one has a better knowledge of the system and where there are problems and obstacles to navigation... Not only does she have first hand experience, but as HNBOC's navigation officer, she receives reports whenever there are issues affecting navigation, and would be another really strong and well informed voice for boaters.

So... we got back to the boats morebthan ten hours after leaving, and... both stoves were still going, Bakewell's Squirrel and Chertsey's Epping. We wondered why Willow wasn't going mad having been shut in all day, until I noticed that I'd left the bathroom window open, and the muddy pawprints on the basin and bath suggested thatbhe had in fact been coming and going at will all day.

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  1. Catflap,the bathroom window is not so handy if you moor t'other way round.