Wednesday, 31 August 2011

What a bore!

Although I missed the aegir (or aegre) last night, a bigger one was promised for this morning. We nearly missed it as it was earlier tan expected by about twelve minutes, and was already approaching by the time we got to the lock. it was a strange, smooth swell of water - caused by the incoming high spring tide meeting the flow of the river. Although it was moving fast, there was something stately and inexorable about it. and then it was round the corner and gone.


  1. It was scary even in Torksey cut last month! Spring tides and boating dont make good bedfellows - was out on the Portishead to Sharpness run yesterday - topped 15mph at one point!

  2. Just watched it again this evening and noticed what I didn't this morning - after it's passed, the river is instantly full again!