Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Holiday home

Naturally, if you're planning to turn your life upside down and go off to live on a semi-converted 1937 riveted steel boat on the inland waterways, what you really, really need is.... a 1937 wooden motor cruiser on the east coast for holidays.
Hopefully it is not too premature to introduce Singapore II. The offer has been accepted; the engine trial went fine... there is just the survey to get through tomorrow. If that reveals serious issues we're so far not aware of, then we may have to walk away. But fingers crossed.


  1. you're both as mad as I thought.


  2. Wow: that is very seriously boat-y.

    Are you in fact like the drunken sailor with homecoming pay burning a hole in the pocket?

    Best of luck, you nutters you!

    Remember: if ever you get nostalgic for bricks, walls etc, we've got some you can use

  3. I thought you were committed, now I think you should be !!

    You need to do some family research to see where this love for the water comes from. Its an adventure for sure. My neighbours on our mooring have just gone livaboard, watching them try and sort out their possessions after the sale of their bricks and mortar started a panic attack.....you have my respect.


  4. Well, it will give Jim something to do in his spare time ....... :-)
    You are seriously mad! But I do envy you.
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  5. gorgeous!!!!!!!! What a brilliant idea! Perfect!!!!