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Friday 19 August 2011

Gone for a... well, you get the gist

Blogpress and the iPad make it so easy, and as there's a good signal here...
So here's another post. Just back from the Coopers Tavern, formerly the Bass brewery tap, now a Joules/free house. Straight into the top ten best pubs I've known. Beer straight from the barrel - no bar as such, more like an old fashioned serving counter. A wide variety. I started with a pint of Bass of course.. and was shocked by how sweet I found it. My tastes have obviously changed since I used to drink it. The Thornbridge Jaipur IPA however was amazing. Jim also found a mild that was very much to his liking. The clientele was varied with new people constantly coming through the door, and there was no TV, music or machines of any description. Super pork scratchings too.

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