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Wednesday 17 August 2011

Singapore survey

I'm afraid you're still only getting one post per day so Chartsey's paintwork will have to wait until tomorrow... Suffice to say that I am very happy with bith Martin's painting and Dave's signwriting. But to post a photo I will actually have to take it with the iPad so that will have to wait until the morning.

In the meantime... this afternoon seems so long ago, but the survey on Singapore... It was generally very good; especially the engine and the hull below the waterline. There is a bit more planking than we thought that will need replacing, and also a fairly major part known as the breast hook is rotten and likewise will want replacing. Not deal breakers, I don't think, but food for thought for Jim.

Then with the help of the free satnav app on the iPad we foound our way to Alvecote. Chertsey was still at Grendon Dock so we had a pint or two while we waited for Martin to bring it back, and we were joined by Dave Moore, the signwriter, and his wife Gail. The first we knew of Chertsey's arrival was seeing a hireboat travelling in the opposite direction steer into the hedge... A now familiar (but honestly, totally unnecessary) reaction to the approach of a big Woolwich.

A few more pints and dinner with Martin, and now it's just so good to be back on the boat at last. Oil change and gearbox adjustment in the morning, and then off we will set. Hopefully I will manage to post most evenings using the iPad.

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