Thursday, 26 August 2010

Take a seat

Chertsey's seatboard, now completed by Jim. I must say I'm terrifically impressed. I particularly like the single bird which, if you look at it closely, is clearly a seagull to remind me of home on the coast!


  1. Hi Sarah, Blossom here. About going to Windmill end, I have sent you an E mail last Monday but I'm just prodding you to say ignore it's contents as it's all change and I will send you another Email with corrected details. Only reason I've sent this message is because I had not heard from you so thought you may not be able to read your E mails. Just prod me as a comment on my blog if you have a problem with your Email I have a good idea that the address I have may be your account at Birkbeck Uni and thats the only one I have.
    Cheers Blossom.

  2. I am so impressed with the paintwork. Jim has done a fantastic job. Love the Seagull.

  3. Well, it's obvious that the multi-talented Jim was paying attention in class with Phil Speight earlier this year. This is a very good piece of work!

    Michelle and Bill