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Thursday, 12 August 2010

On the move again

The Great Trent Thrash (interrupted) Day 7
Shardlow to Stenson

Huzzah! It all seems to have worked. After another morning's work putting it all together the engine was up and running again by mid afternoon, so we set off, leaving a note for John, who has been extraordinarily helpful as well as hospitable beyond the call of duty. We didn't plan to try and get too far, but I had promised Jim a pint, so we were aiming for the Ragley Boat Stop which Nicholsons promised had real ale, food and moorings. When we got there, however, the moorings were full and the place looked dead, although we were assured it was open. We realised though that if we moored on the towpath it would be a long walk back to the bridge, so we pushed on and ended up at Stenson. We were a bit dubious about the Bubble, a modern pub in a converted warehouse at Stenson Marina, but it was excellent. There was really nice beer from the Falstaff Brewery, at great prices (two pints for a fiver!) and the food was top quality, with a nice menu of locally sourced food cooked on site. I don't reckon we'll make it back to King's Bromley tomorrow unless we start really really early, but we're on our way again and that's what matters.

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  1. You seem to be having a good adventure,nice to see those castles.I never saw the doors open in all the time i was at Oldbury.
    have fun madcat